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Short Courses
Global MBA In Sustainable Business And
Technology Entrepreneurship

The Global MBA in Sustainability and Technology Entrepreneurship (STE) provides participants with the crucial resources and skills, empowering them to launch and grow their businesses and technology start-ups. Technology has paved the way for a new way of living and if you have the drive to use and develop new technologies then this course will open the doors for the career path you are looking for. This course will equip students with the toolkit and experience required to build on their skills and launch new ventures that will make an impact in their sectors and communities.



Mini MBA

20 Credits

8-12 Weeks

Level 6

8-10 hours weekly

8th September, 2020

Level 1: £950 (6 Modules)
Level 2: £1,750 (12 Modules)

The Purpose of Programme

The STE courses will help you build your skills and add to your knowledge to develop and manage your own start-up in the Tech industry. Exercising your entrepreneurial mind-set will teach you how to drive a positive change with existing and new technologies for a sustainable economy. LSSE implements modern pedagogies allowing students to benefit from an interdisciplinary approach of entrepreneurial concepts and IT theories and technologies.


The STE course is focused around strategy development, innovation value chain and idea generation which all require the application of new technologies while maintaining a sustainable growth for the enterprises.


You will learn to develop several sustainable business models for the sector or area of focus that your social enterprise idea is in. these sustainable models will be aligned with the needs of the customers in today’s competitive market.


The STE programme enables you to think beyond existing paradigms to envision the long-lasting impact the strategic development and innovation of the ideas will bring to the communities.


In addition to these core concepts, product development and successful market establishment are additional concepts that are required for effective new creation and launch.


The core modules will enable students to effectively manage commercialisation challenges and learn the know-how of efficient market launch.


The courses teach an in-depth insight into the disciplines of entrepreneurial thinking and a go-getter mind frame.


You will be able to apply newly acquired competencies to the real-world challenges that communities are facing.


You will practice applying the financial and accounting strategies through learning the legal aspects of product development and business management.

Learning Outcomes

The Programme

The Global MBA in Sustainable Business and Technology Entrepreneurship is a truly unique, holistically driven program offering a different business paradigm for today´s young professionals. Our unique methodology ensures that you will develop the critical and design thinking skills to analyze, perform and inspire in an ever increasing volatile, uncertain, and complex business environment.
Teaching will be blended; live classes delivered remotely, recorded lectures and face-to-face teaching. You will meet faculty, and Team with each other, both through our virtual learning environment and through face-to-face interactions. The aim is to engage students in impactful learning that gives them a life experience.

Courses Curriculum

Term One

I ) New Venture Technology

II ) Introduction to Design

III ) Introduction to Sustainable Business

IV ) Start-up ventures (Similar to the one below)

V ) Technology Start-Up Ventures

VI ) Business Strategy

VII ) Accounting for Sustainability

Term Two

VIII ) Sustainable Marketing of Goods and Services

IX) Sustainable Supply Chains

X ) Valuing Public Goods

XI ) Legal and Ethical Implications of Business Decision-Making

XII ) Enterprise Risk management

XIII ) Leadership for Sustainable Organisations

I ) Business Modelling and Customer Validation

II ) Market Design and Commercialisation

III ) Innovative Ideas and Concepts Development (Market Adoption, brand Value, Critical Thinking)

IV ) Creative Design and Testing

V ) Strategies for Managing Innovation

VI ) Sustainable Finance

VII ) Innovative Problem solving

VIII ) Market Commercialisation

IX ) Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

X ) Financial Management and New Venture Financing


Dissertation – the entrepreneurial project forms a high interdisciplinary core area of the STE course and will be carried out within the framework of three courses during the course of the programme.

*Founders’ Project I – Idea Concept Lab

*Founders’ Project II – Idea Refinement Lab

*Founders’ Project III – Idea Finalisation Lab

First degree or equivalent in any discipline

None – rolling admissions. However please note the funding deadlines

Write a short statement (up to 600 words) about why you want to join the programme. This might cover, for example, what you will bring to the cohort, and what your particular strengths are.

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Short Courses

Global MBA in Sustainable Business and Technology Entrepreneurship

The programme will help you build your skills and add to your knowledge to develop and manage your own start-up in the Tech industry. Exercising your entrepreneurial mind-set will teach you how to drive a positive change with existing and new technologies for a sustainable economy.