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Partnering with Organisations

Working Together

This portal is designed for country-level partners to better understand LSSE. LSSE is a shared commitment to ending the world’s learning crisis.

Academic Partnerships

We Collaborate with partner to offers high-quality programmes in the UK and abroad, we aim to create high quality and innovative collaborations at institutional and individual levels.


Partnering with Businesses

We have a good track record of working within the social enterprise industry – sharing goals and missions that help businesses develop long-term social and financial sustainability.

Social Audit Services

We support firms in evaluating social responsibility policies and programmes, operating procedures, codes of conduct, and other factors to determine their effect on society.

Transform your organisation

We specialise in creating bespoke learning solutions for organisations within the social enterprise industry, no matter how large or small. Our customer learning solutions help businesses address critical challenges, drive change, and prepare for future business needs.
As your partner, we deliver a cutting-edge apprenticeship programme for your workforce to fill a high-level skills gap and develop a specialised workforce.