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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

LSSE is renowned for its dedication to social inclusion, with a strong emphasis on equality, diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. These principles are deeply ingrained in the institution's strategy and shape every aspect of the student and staff experience.


Many Voices One Community

We are focused on building an inclusive culture

LSSE is committed to building an inclusive culture that values diversity and promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). We aim to create a community where everyone is able to thrive, reflecting our institution’s values of ambition, openness, and responsibility. LSSE recognizes the importance of diversity and is determined to ensure that the opportunities we provide are accessible to all.

Community Highlight

Social Enterprise Club

The Social Enterprise Club (SEC) is the central hub for impact-driven business leadership at the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics (LSSE). Our mission is to inspire, educate, and connect leaders who are dedicated to creating social change in the world.

Staff Equality Networks

LSSE has Staff Equality Networks for colleagues to connect, socialize, find support, share experiences, and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. Networks include women, staff with disabilities, International, BAME, and LGBT+ staff. Overseen by the Equality and Diversity Office.

We welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010, as part of our proud tradition of commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity for all

Many Voices One Community

From Classroom to Changemaker

LSSE Alumni Making Waves in Social Enterprise LSSE is a launchpad for change-makers. Discover the inspiring journeys of our alumni who have transformed their LSSE lessons into impactful ventures, reshaping the world of social enterprise and sustainable economics.

Culturally Inclusive Initiatives

LSSE fosters cultural exchange and collaboration through student-led clubs, events, and workshops. We provide spaces for open dialogue, mutual understanding, and celebration of different traditions, creating an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is valued and heard.

Supportive Community

At LSSE, we believe in inclusive education for all. We provide scholarships, grants, and support services to overcome barriers to education, regardless of socio-economic status, ability, or other factors. Join us in creating an accessible and thriving learning environment.