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Short Courses
Global MBA In Social
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Public entrepreneurship is an alternative, inventive approach for leading change in public realms. This
course is designed for future private entrepreneurs and public leaders who want to build new ventures
operating in, or selling into, traditionally public domains. Throughout the last few years, we have seen
a wave of new public entrepreneurs start companies that eventually sell to government institutions, or
directly to citizens, and a growing interest in these companies by ventures funds and other investors.



Mini MBA

20 Credits

8-12 Weeks

Level 6

8-10 hours weekly

8th September, 2020

Level 1: £950 (6 Modules)
Level 2: £1,750 (12 Modules)

Introduction of Programme

The programme drives the participants straight into the world of entrepreneurship as we kick off with New Venture Creation. The participants will learn to think beyond the now and be exposed to “out of ‘the box thinking’. You will also engage in developing the field of social enterprise, and develop critical academic views through the Action learning interaction. The participants will be exposed to the concept of Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and learn how to design, launch and scale-up successful entrepreneurial ventures with social goals. If you have the passion and dedication in learning to tackle real-world problems, then the Global MBA in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation will provide the perfect pathway for a fulfilling career in addressing fundamental societal problems and financial sustainability together.

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The Programme

It will equip the participants’ strong insights and understanding of foundational theories of entrepreneurship, innovation, social issues and provide a world-class training in the development of social innovations to address fundamental societal problems in a range of different economic, political and geographic contexts. The participant will learn innovative approach to develop an enterprise, and gain capacity in revenue generation and financial modelling. The participant will have the opportunity to undertake an international field trip to conduct research with an NGO or Private organization in the UK. This exposes the student to gaining first-hand experience of the diverse range of issues faced by different communities.

Learning Outcomes

Courses Curriculum

Term One

I ) Understanding Social Problems for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

II ) Social Innovation Design

III ) Consumer Insights: Behavioural Fundamentals

IV ) Leadership in Organisations: Theory and Practice

Term Two

V ) International Marketing: A Strategic Approach

VI) Organisational Behaviour and Marketing for Social Entrepreneurs

VII ) Managerial Economics and Quantitative Measurement for Social Entrepreneurs*

Organisational Behaviour and Marketing for Social Entrepreneurs

I ) Managerial Economics and Quantitative Measurement for Social Entrepreneurs

II ) New Venture Creation

III ) Managing Innovation

IV ) Accounting for Entrepreneurs

V ) Innovation and New Product Development

VI ) Funding the New Venture

Dissertation – students will have the option to choose from three projects.

1) An individual design  project for a new social enterprise, producing a sound and viable business model, a compelling plan for achieving long-term sustainability, and a detailed and convincing impact assessment.

2) An individual consulting project to solve a real-world issue for a client organisation. Project themes can be extremely wide-ranging across areas of specialisation and regions, all with a significant, tangible business problem to be solved. Past sponsors have included IMB (big data in Brazil), Riders for Health (healthcare transport in Africa) and Rickshaw Bank (business model renewal in India).

3) Students can also seek approval to undertake a research dissertation, conducting an empirical research project to develop new knowledge in the field of social innovation.

In addition to the elective courses listed above, students can also choose from the broad range of all graduate level elective courses across LSSE.

Optional elective courses of your choice will give you a chance to customise the programme to your own interests and career goals. These electives include:

I ) Environmental Problems and Development Interventions

II ) Entrepreneurial Finance

III ) Consumer Insights: Behavioural Fundamentals

IV ) Open Innovation

V ) International Business Strategy and Emerging Markets

VI ) Handling Disruption: Humanitarian Emergencies Management and Development

VII ) Corporate Social Responsibility and International Labour Standards

VIII ) Information Technology and Service Innovation

IX ) Innovation and Technology Management

X ) Cross Cultural Management

XI ) Leadership in Organisations: Theory and Practice

XII ) Negotiation Analysis

First degree or equivalent in any discipline

None – rolling admissions. However please note the funding deadlines

Write a short statement (up to 600 words) about why you want to join the programme. This might cover, for example, what you will bring to the cohort, and what your particular strengths are.

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