Public Leadership and Social Enterprise



Key Info
Location Global
Learning Mode Online
Study Level Mini MBA Certificate
Duration 8-12 Weeks
Time Commitment 8–10 hours weekly
Start Date 8th September, 2020
Cost Level 1: £950 (6 Module) Level 2: £1,500 (12 Modules)

Public Leadership And Social Enterprise

Public Leadership and Social Enterprise strengthens your ability to lead change in a complex and uncertain world. This course will prepare students to steer global social and ecological change, and to set them up for service and leadership with social innovation. Public leadership investigates the idea and practice of leadership, engaging students to become social change specialists through hands-on public services, projects, and assessments of urgent social, political, and financial issues. This course is most suited for for students from public, social, and private sectors who are committed to developing their leadership skills for the common good.


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The Programme

Students in this course will be able to apply skills related to leadership, social innovation, and entrepreneurship to make an impact on a social issue or problem of their choice. Certain skills are required to become an effective public leader, and this course aims to provide you with the confidence to learn all about the dynamics of leadership management and innovation. Communities are still confined with issues like high unemployment rate, poor and inadequate education, lack of infrastructure, insufficient social amenities, poor healthcare, increasing inequality, and plenty of other issues. These challenges offer the opportunity to look at old problems in new ways, an opportunity for social innovation fueled by its large and growing youth population; thus, it is important to manage public leadership with social innovation. In every case study, class, event, and activity, students will be tasked with not only studying leadership, but to demonstrate it.


This course is designed to introduce the concept, as well as engage students and the tutor, in a joint learning experience of this emerging field. Throughout this course, students will learn more about leadership in the context of public service provision by public sector organisations, community and voluntary groups, and political bodies, to accomplish their vision. Throughout this course, students will:


Module 1:

 Leadership and its importance in public service

Module 2:

The public sphere and leadership in a social enterprise

Module 3:

Perspectives and approaches to public leadership

Module 4:

The skills of effective leadership in the public sphere

Module 5:

Public value and the role of leaders in its creation

Module 6:

TBD innovative leader for community and national development


Module 7:

Leading change and innovation in public services

Module 8:

Leadership in social enterprise organisations

Module 9:

Leading in collaborative and conflict situations in the public sphere.

Module 10:

Case Study of social enterprise leadership

Module 11:

Business model discussion

Module 12:

 TDB Cases in leadership in social enterprise


Professor Ola Familoni

Professor of Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at LSSE


This course is accredited and, to be awarded credit, you must satisfactorily complete written components. Successful students will receive credit, awarded by the Board of Studies of London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics and International Affiliates. The award will be presented in the form of Advanced Certificate. Exceptional students will be recognised.

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