Leading Digital Transformation

Professional Certificate

Key Info  
Location Global
Learning Mode Live Virtual Programme
Study Level Executive, Professional Certificate
Credits 20 Credits
Duration 10 Weeks
Course Level Level 7
Time Commitment 8–10 hours weekly
Start Date 12th November, 2020
Cost £2,700 

Introduction of Programme

Even though disruption has long been a hazard for various industries, the rise of digital technologies has accelerated the pace of disruption in virtually every industry, creating immense uncertainty and unease. However, uncertainty continues to accelerate in the broader business environment as the rate at which new technologies emerge increases exponentially – all while competition becomes increasingly fierce. The dominance of established leaders has never been more under threat. However, these variations are also creating vast opportunities, and the tools to thrive during the age of digital disruption are accessible and available. Portrayal on research that uncovers the ground rules of digital strategy, leadership and innovation, provides an integrated view of leading digital transformation and innovation.

Founding on three perspectives of digital revolution- the strategic view, the innovation view and the organizational view – Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation provides a comprehensive suite of tools to be aware of and lead your way through a digital renovation.

The purpose of Programme

This course helps you comprehend, communicate and build the consensus required to implement a successful digital transformation agenda. It is designed to provide you the insight you need to help your company understand and support the development of an integrated and phased approach to digital transformation. It provides a framework that helps you continually build the competencies, capabilities and momentum required to establish and sustain your company as a digital leader.

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Learning Outcomes

The impact this certificate will have as a participant or an organization:

LSSE Professional Community not only enables participants to lead the digital conversation and be ready to implement the latest technologies. Professional Certificate Program in Digital Transformation Fundamentals & Roadmap generates a before and after within the skills and knowledge of the participants. Since, during the five modules they will be able to:

Course Curriculum

Week 1:

Digital Transformation Fundamentals & Roadmap

Week 2:

Digital Transformation Framework

Week 3:

Data Strategies for Digital Transformation

Week 4:

Developing Industries Through Digital Ecosystem

Week  5:

BInternet of Things (LOT) Fundamentals

Week  6:

Business Improvisation & Digitalization

Week  7:

Digital Leadership & Innovation

Week  8:

Digital Transformation Process Management

Week  9:

Digital Marketing Training

Week  10:

Digital Cognitive & Artificial Intelligence


Professor Ola Familoni

Professor of Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at LSSE


This course is accredited and, to be awarded credit, you must satisfactorily complete written components. Successful students will receive credit, awarded by the Board of Studies of London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics and International Affiliates. The award will be presented in the form of Advanced Certificate. Exceptional students will be recognised.

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