Introduction to Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Key Info 
Learning ModeOnline
Study LevelCertificate
Credits20 Credits
Duration 10 Weeks
Course Level Level 6
Time Commitment8–10 hours weekly
Start Date8th September, 2020
CostLevel 1: £950 (6 Modules)
Level 2: £1,750 (12 Modules)

Introduction to Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing movement across the world. The central driver for social entrepreneurship is the social problem being addressed in an innovative and entrepreneurial way, with the key objective to create and sustain social and economic value. A wide range of employers are increasingly seeking individuals who can apply entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. This course is designed to raise awareness and develop a thorough understanding of social entrepreneurship, and the emergence of a new form of organisation – social enterprises – embedded within a changing national and international socioeconomic and political context. The emphasis of this course is on the entrepreneurial skills and frameworks required to create and manage a growing social venture. You will learn about the role that social entrepreneurs play in society and the key challenges they face in their work. You will also examine leadership, and organisational and structural aspects of social entrepreneurship that are important for the formation and sustainability of social ventures.


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The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the major opportunities and challenges facing social entrepreneurs and their ventures. Social entrepreneurship’s rapid emergence over the past decade has coincided with the rise of information technology giving individuals more power now than at any point in history. The social entrepreneur’s question is simple: How can we use that power to make a lasting positive contribution to the society? The course explains how to apply fundamental skills in organisations that seek to create social value. It will also expose students to theories regarding entrepreneurship, models of social change, definitions of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, management skills required for social enterprise organisations, scaling of social impact, and impact measurement for social mission organisations.



Module 1:

Introduction to social entrepreneurship

Module 2:

Raising awareness on social enterprise

Module 3:

Social entrepreneurs and mission

Module 4:

Creativity and the social entrepreneur

Module 5:

Models of social enterprise                     

Module 6:

Case studies of social entrepreneurs


 Module 7:

Developing your enterprise

Module 8

Ideas, projects, initiatives, students, and social impact

Module 9:

Innovative solutions to social and environmental issues

Module 10:

Effective strategies and practices

Module 11:

Challenges facing social enterprise                

Module 12:

Case studies of social entrepreneurs


Professor Ola Familoni

Professor of Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at LSSE


This course is accredited and, to be awarded credit, you must satisfactorily complete written components. Successful students will receive credit, awarded by the Board of Studies of London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics and International Affiliates. The award will be presented in the form of Advanced Certificate. Exceptional students will be recognised.

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