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Social Enterprise Club Premium Membership

The LSSE Social Enterprise Club Premium is a vibrant and dynamic community that brings together students, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are dedicated to making a positive impact. Our mission is to champion business for good, fostering innovation, humanism, and creativity. By joining us, you will gain access to a wealth of invaluable shared experiences, best practices, and collaborative solutions to address future challenges. As a premium member, not only will you contribute to the growth of our community, but you will also unlock exclusive opportunities for connection, learning, and personal development.

SEC Premier Membership Benefits

Exclusive Access to All Events

As a premium member, you will have access to free LSSE-SEC webinars, in-person workshops, networking events, and the opportunity to host your own events. Additionally, you will receive free access to all premium events and awards.

Access to LSSE Research & Innovation

Gain access to the London School Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics Research and Innovation Lab, where you can collaborate on solving business problems through the power of ideas, expertise, technology, and research

Profile Building

Showcase your presence in the social enterprise community by featuring in the online Members Directory, promoting your events and offers on the SEC website and exploring speaking opportunities.

LSSE Business Magazine

As a member, you will have several opportunities for your business to be featured in the LSSE Business Magazine, increasing your visibility and reach.

Business Information Services

Access free B2B marketing data lists, credit reports, and business research to stay informed and make informed decisions.

Member Referral Reward Scheme

Recommend someone to become a paid member at SEC, and you will be rewarded with a monthly changing offer as a token of our appreciation.

Access to LSSE International Partners

Benefit from LSSE's established strategic international partnerships with public and private sectors across multiple continents. Your business will gain access to secured international partners for growth, expansion, and collaborations.

Exclusive Premium SEC Card

As a premium member, you will receive your exclusive LSSE Social Enterprise Club membership card, which opens the door to a world of opportunities and social impact

Membership for Global Opportunities

International companies, entrepreneurs, and students can become premium members of the LSSE Social Enterprise Club to develop their skills as effective and thoughtful business leaders in an increasingly globalized business environment. LSSE-SEC serves as an international hub for learning about international business, foreign markets, business practices, and networking with people from all over the world. Additionally, the club provides a platform to build friendships and develop your resume.

Platinum Premium Membership
Per Year

Through our various activities, we aim to enhance your global intelligence, help you build global networks, explore international career opportunities, and learn about global issues from experts, businesses, and government stakeholders worldwide.

*Memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
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