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SEED, which stands for Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development, is a global partnership that is at the forefront of promoting eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. This dynamic organization is driven by a profound commitment to addressing poverty, environmental sustainability, and social challenges through the support of innovative and environmentally responsible enterprises.

History and Mission

Founded in 2002, SEED emerged as a response to the pressing need to connect entrepreneurial ventures with environmental sustainability and development objectives. The organization operates on the belief that sustainable development and poverty eradication are achievable by empowering local, innovative, and eco-friendly businesses. SEED’s primary mission is to identify, support, and enable these social and environmental enterprises to thrive.

Key Initiatives

SEED is a catalyst for change in the world of sustainable entrepreneurship, employing several key initiatives:-

SEED Awards: These prestigious awards are the heart of SEED’s efforts. They recognize and celebrate the most promising, innovative, and environmentally responsible enterprises around the world. The SEED Awards provide

a platform for these enterprises to scale their operations, gain visibility, and secure vital resources for growth.

Capacity Building: SEED recognizes the importance of building the capacity of eco-inclusive enterprises. They offer various programs and resources to enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of these entrepreneurs. This, in turn, leads to more robust and impactful businesses.

Support Networks: SEED fosters networks of entrepreneurs, policymakers, and financiers. These networks create a collaborative ecosystem where best practices are shared, challenges are addressed, and access to funding is facilitated.

Policy Advocacy: The organization actively engages with governments and policymakers to create an enabling environment for eco-inclusive enterprises. SEED’s advocacy work aims to promote sustainable development through supportive policies.


SEED has made a significant impact on both the environment and the well-being of communities worldwide. By identifying and nurturing eco-inclusive enterprises, SEED has:

Enhanced livelihoods and incomes for communities through job creation and sustainable economic activities.

Improved access to clean energy, water, and other vital services.

Contributed to environmental conservation by supporting businesses with eco-friendly practices.

Strengthened local economies by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

Global Reach:

SEED’s influence extends across the globe, with a network of partners and supporters in different regions. From Africa to Asia, and Latin America to Europe, SEED has played a pivotal role in promoting eco-inclusive entrepreneurship and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


SEED is a beacon of hope in the landscape of sustainable development. With a clear focus on eco-inclusive entrepreneurship, this global partnership is instrumental in driving change, uplifting communities, and nurturing innovative businesses that are committed to the environment and social progress. SEED’s vision is aligned with a future where entrepreneurship becomes a powerful force for positive change, and where sustainable solutions lead the way toward a more equitable and environmentally responsible world.