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Recognizing Generous Contributors

The London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics expresses its gratitude to the generous benefactors who have made its existence possible. The institution acknowledges these philanthropic investors in various ways and actively involves them in the LSSE community.

Foundation Fellow 

A Foundation Fellow is an individual or funding body, such as a business or foundation, who has contributed to the development and growth of the institution. Foundation Fellows are invited by the Governing Body based on nominations from the Management. 
Membership as a Foundation Fellow grants access to LSSE’s social and academic facilities, research and innovation hub, and social enterprise club.

Honorary Fellow 

Honorary Fellow is bestowed upon individuals from the industry or funding bodies, such as businesses or foundations, who have contributed more financial and non-financial to support the development and growth of the institution.  

Honorary Fellows are nominated by the Management and invited by the Governing Body. Being an Honorary Fellow includes institution membership, providing access to LSSE’s social and academic facilities, research and innovation hub, and social enterprise club. 

This award acknowledges individuals who have dedicated their time, expertise, and influence on projects and initiatives of significant and enduring value to LSSE.

Guidelines for the Awarding of Fellowships 

The LSSE Awards Committee grants Foundations & Honorary Fellowships to individuals who have made notable contributions to the LSSE institution. 

The Committee is responsible for receiving suggestions and presenting nominations to the Management for the awarding of Fellowship.

The special awards acknowledge the substantial influence individuals or funding entities, such as businesses or foundations, have on the institution’s development and progress.


Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of the Governing Board may nominate candidates for Foundation and Honorary Fellow. 

Nominations will be accepted at any time throughout the year.

The procedure for the election of awarding fellowships shall be the same as for the election of candidates for honorary degrees.


To complete a nomination, the following documents must be included

Nomination form

This form is available upon request and must be filled out to provide necessary details about the nominee.

Citation or Statement of Nomination

This statement should concisely summarize the nominee's contributions to the LSSE institution and highlight the impact these contributions have had on its life, development, and growth.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae

A comprehensive document detailing the nominee's educational background, professional experience, and relevant achievements.

Letters of support

A maximum of three letters of support should be submitted from individuals who possess knowledge about the nominee's contributions and the impact they have made. These letters serve to further validate the nominee's qualifications for the award.

Presentation Method and Benefits

The recipients of the Awarding Fellowships will be publicly recognized during a ceremony, to which they will be invited. 

The award will include a diploma with an appropriate inscription, along with a citation that will be read during the ceremony. Generally, the award will not be given in the absence of the recipient. 

The names of the Fellows will be added to the permanent institution list, ensuring they receive relevant LSSE material, including invitations to convocations and other special events. 

Furthermore, the Fellows will be eligible to participate in all academic processions and will have access to the LSSE School Facilities.

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