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Public Leadership and Social Innovation

This course is designed to prepare our students to lead global social and environmental change, and to prepare them for service and leadership with social innovation.

Executive Courses

New Business Model in Emerging Market

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of innovation business models blazing new trails in emerging markets; achieving commercial success while transforming the lives of low-income populations.

Executive Courses

Emerging Business & Non-profit Leaders

Taking part in our Emerging Business and Non-Profit Leadership programme will give you the opportunity to explore your potential as a leader.

Executive Courses

Public and Private Management of the Environment

This programme covers market-based, governmental, and non-governmental solutions to key environmental problems, including climate change.

Executive Courses

Fundamental Strategies to Create Business and Social Value

With a focus on providing strategic clarity and identifying priorities, this programme helps align social responsibility and business objectives.

Executive Courses

Strategic Investment Management for Social Enterprise and Non-Profit

This course develops your knowledge and confidence to select instruments to evaluate impact investments and manage their risks, while also showing you the strategic bigger picture.

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We are a driver of economic growth, a catalyst for social change and a champion of cultural development.

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Social Enterprise Club

The Social Enterprise Club (SEC) is the central hub for impact-driven business leadership at the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics (LSSE). Our mission is to inspire, educate, and connect leaders who are dedicated to creating social change in the world.