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LSSE's Student Protection Plan

At the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics (LSSE), we are committed to ensuring the well-being and academic progress of our students. Our Student Protection Plan outlines the measures and safeguards in place to protect the interests of our students, particularly in unforeseen circumstances that may impact their studies or the provision of our programs.

At LSSE, our Student Protection Plan is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding the interests of our students. We recognize the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment, along with academic continuity, to ensure that students can achieve their goals. While we aim to minimize the impact of any disruptions, our plan provides clear guidance on how we will support and protect our students during unforeseen circumstances.

Governance and Oversight:
LSSE’s Student Protection Plan is developed, implemented, and monitored under the oversight of our Academic Board and executive leadership. We are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive the highest quality of education and support.

Risk Assessment:
LSSE conducts regular risk assessments to identify potential risks and disruptions that may affect our students. We consider various scenarios, including financial stability, staff capacity, and external factors such as natural disasters or

public health emergencies. These assessments enable us to develop mitigation strategies and action plans.

Notification and Communication:
LSSE is committed to transparent and timely communication with our students. In the event of any disruptions or changes that may impact the delivery of our programs, students will be promptly informed through multiple channels, including email, our website, and direct communication from our student support teams.

Academic Continuity:
In situations where there may be a disruption to our programs, LSSE will make every effort to ensure academic continuity. We will explore alternative methods of program delivery, including online learning and remote access to resources, to minimize any disruption to students’ academic progress.

Student Support:
LSSE places a high value on student support services. Our Student Protection Plan includes provisions for additional support to assist students who may face challenges during times of disruption. This support may include academic counseling, financial assistance, and access to mental health and well-being resources.

Accommodation and Financial Support:
In cases of unforeseen disruption, LSSE will work closely with students who rely on accommodation services. We will provide guidance on alternative accommodation options and financial support, if applicable, to ensure students can continue their studies.


Refund Policies:
LSSE has clear and fair refund policies in place, which are communicated to students. These policies ensure that students are treated fairly in cases where they are unable to continue their studies due to unexpected disruptions.

Monitoring and Review:
LSSE’s Student Protection Plan is subject to regular review and evaluation. Any lessons learned from previous disruptions are incorporated into our plan, and we are dedicated to making continuous improvements to our processes and procedures.