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LSSE-Freedom of information publication scheme

The London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics (LSSE) is committed to transparency and accountability in all aspects of its operations. As part of this commitment, LSSE has developed a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme, aligning with the principles of the Freedom of Information Act (2000). The scheme outlines the types of information that LSSE proactively makes available to the public.

Publication Scheme Categories:
LSSE’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is organized into several categories, each providing access to specific types of information:

About LSSE:
Information about LSSE’s history, governance structure, and key personnel.

Organizational charts and details of LSSE’s decision-making processes.

Our Courses:
Detailed information about the courses and programs offered at LSSE.

Course outlines, syllabi, and program structures.

Admissions and Recruitment:
Admission criteria and requirements
Information about the admissions process, including application forms and guidance.

Research and Publications:
Access to LSSE’s research publications, reports, and academic papers.
Information about research centers, faculty expertise, and ongoing research projects.

Policies and Procedures:
LSSE’s policies and procedures on various matters, including academic regulations, student conduct, and equal opportunities.
Guidance on how to make complaints or raise concerns.

 Financial Information:
Financial statements, budgets, and expenditure reports.
Details of tuition fees, financial aid, and scholarships.

Governance and Management
Information about LSSE’s governing bodies, their members, and meeting minutes.
Details on LSSE’s approach to governance and compliance with statutory requirements.

 Alumni and Community:
Information about LSSE’s alumni network and community engagement initiatives.
Alumni success stories and achievements.

Contact LSSE:
Contact details for key departments, faculty, and administrative offices.
Guidance on how to get in touch with LSSE for inquiries, requests, or feedback.

Accessing Information

LSSE’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is designed to facilitate easy access to information. Much of the information covered by the scheme is available on the LSSE website, and in cases where specific requests are made, LSSE will provide information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

Feedback and Requests

LSSE welcomes feedback on its publication scheme and encourages individuals to reach out with any requests for information not currently covered. Requests can be made through the LSSE Freedom of Information Officer.

In Summary: The LSSE Freedom of Information Publication Scheme reflects our commitment to transparency, accountability, and open access to information. LSSE strives to provide the public with the information they need to better understand our institution, its operations, and its contributions to social enterprise and sustainable economics.

Further information:
More information about the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is available on the website: