Top Specialised Institution

We are a specialised higher education institution top-rated for its high-quality standard.

Based in London

Studying in London will open doors to an outstanding career. Join the multi-cultural and vibrant environment when studying in the British capital.

LSSE's Connections

Networking is one of the most important skills you will develop during your time at LSSE, where you will meet like-minded individuals from all over the world.


Choose from a wide range of qualification-based learning solutions that fit your needs and preferred type of delivery.


It’s not about profit. Rather, about people creating a positive social impact. This is why we ensure our prices are affordable without compromising the standard of your studies.

Practitioner Faculty

Our courses are taught by industry experts with excellent teaching capacity – our students benefit from their insight and experience.

Global Opportunities

We are linked to global organisations and partner universities, who will connect you with opportunities and networks across the world.

Award-Winning Teaching

We have a reputation for innovative teaching and social impact awarded by many organisations for the highest standard possible.

Enhanced Career Prospects

Studying at LSSE improves your career prospects, gives you professional skills, and enhances applicable knowledge for your future career.

Explore LSSE’s Programmes

Short Courses Learning

Our short courses are beneficial for continuing professional development, refreshing your knowledge, or exploring a new area of interest at competitive rates.

Executive Education

At LSSE Executive Education, we drive growth and social innovation at organisations all around the world, by developing entrepreneurial leaders.

Master's Degrees

We are a reputable institution, leading in social enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation research and resources, attracting students from all across the world.


We deliver flexible and affordable online learning programmes that allow you to study 100% online from anywhere in the world.

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At LSSE, you’ll be inspired by world-leading social enterprise projects, make global connections, and develop your talent. Our prospectus gives you a good insight into LSSE and what courses you can study.


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