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Studying in London allows you to join the multi-cultural and vibrant environment, numerous attractions, and career opportunities.

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Networking is one of the most important skills you will develop during your time at LSSE, where you will meet like-minded individuals from all over the world.

Prepare to drive innovation in your sector! There has been an increase in the demand for specialised Master’s programmes among graduates and young professionals alike.
Our range of unique and specialised Master’s programmes are designed to equip graduates with the most effective skills to achieve their career aspirations. The programmes draw on Imperial’s globally acknowledged excellence in innovation, data analytics, healthcare and climate change to provide you with the knowledge and practical experience for a successful career in your preferred sector.

The course focuses on providing you with support in order to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It delivers the necessary training to enable you to advance your career. This personal development is supported by practical experience and real-world academic learning.

The participant will learn innovative approach to develop an enterprise, and gain capacity in revenue generation and financial modelling. The participant will have the opportunity to undertake an international field trip to conduct research with an NGO or Private organization in the UK.

The programme will help you build your skills and add to your knowledge to develop and manage your own start-up in the Tech industry. Exercising your entrepreneurial mind-set will teach you how to drive a positive change with existing and new technologies for a sustainable economy.

Our Mini-MBA is designed to expose you to the basic fundamentals of management in the business world. In addition, each Mini-MBA has a specialization that focuses in more detail on a specific discipline. The Mini MBA in Management and Leadership plunges students into learning to think beyond…

This course plunges students into learning to think beyond the now and be exposed to “out of the box thinking”. Our students will be equipped with a strong understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation. Our Mini MBA Programs are tailored to develop the Entrepreneurial mind in the wave of the digital world…


"The specialised Master’s in Social Enterprise and Innovation enhanced my capacity to secure a dream job."
Tolu Manga
Senior Manager, NCDF Invest


At LSSE Executive Education, we drive growth and social innovation at organisations all around the world by developing entrepreneurial leaders.

Our range of unique Specialised Master’s programmes are designed to equip graduates with the most effective skills to achieve their career aspirations.

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