LSSE Social Innovation Lab is a special purpose lab design for people to share ideas, expertise, technology, and research to find answers to the big scientific questions and tackle global challenges.

LSSE – Social Innovation Lab, which operates as a consulting arm of the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics, was formed to harness the breadth and depth of expertise at the LSSE School of Social Enterprise and deliver cutting-edge solutions to for-profit, non-profit and government agencies.
The LSSE Social Innovation Lab helps start-up social entrepreneurs achieve sustainability by deploying a variety of methods, activities, and tools, and help organisations  generate, develop, and test innovative new business ideas to solve social problems.

With access to several research-active academics and professionals with a wealth of experiences, we can help small and medium enterprises find solutions to their social businesses for the long term.

Global Research

We adopted a problem-focused approach toward understanding the challenges associated with driving sustained, high-impact social change. Current research focuses on leadership of mission-driven organizations, social investment and financing models for the social enterprise sector.

Government Solutions

Amid global uncertainty and change, public services need social innovation and creativity to make resources go further and improve life for everyone, we assisting governments and agencies to realize their economic and social goals and public enterprises management


We are a major driver of innovation and creativity with extensive experience of strategic corporations and collaborations, engaging with communities, the business sector and academics institutions in programmes that combine economic development with social sustainability.

Coaching & Consultancy

Our coaching and consultancy services provide cutting edge expertise to measure and address challenges. Our services including the leadership development for individuals and teams delivering by the world-renowned experts supported by a delivery academics professional for quality services.